Heat Exchangers, Tubular Reactors, Mobile Pressure Vessels, High Pressure Autoclaves, Silicon Carbide Exchangers.

Design, Manufacture, Testing & Supply of Following Chemical Process Equipments as per Various
Applicable International Codes such as ASME / TEMA / BS 5500 / API / E.E.U.A Handbook / EJMA etc.

  Rotary Process Equipments ~
 :: Agitated Vessels
 :: Process Reaction Vessels
 :: Agitators
Static Process Equipments ~ l Unfired Pressure Vessels
 :: Heat Exchangers
 :: Tubular Reactors
 :: Static & Mobile Pressure Vessels (Bullets)
 :: Tall Vertical Columns with / without internals
 :: Chimney Stacks, Tall Towers etc.
 :: Atmospheric Fixed / Floating Roof Storage Tank
 :: Low Pressure Storage Tank
 :: Hortonspheres
 :: Gas Holders
Specialised Plant Equipments ~
 :: Hydrogenators / High Pressure Autoclaves with or without Gas Re-circulation Agitator
 :: GMP Reaction & Distillation Systems for Bulk Drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
 :: Ultra Pure Water Storage & Distribution Systems for WFI, USP Water for use in Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs and API Industries
 :: Driers - Rotary Vacuum Drier, Rotocone Drier, Tumbling Shell Drier, Tray Drier, Vacuum Tray Drier
 :: Ribbon Blenders, Ball Mills & Rotocone Mixers
 :: Ice Crushers
 :: Filters - Pressure Sand Filters, Vacuum Nutsche, Pressure Nutsche, Clarifiers
Materials of Construction ~
 :: Austenitic & Duplex Stainless Steels
 :: Carbon Steels (B.Q.) / Mild Steels
 :: Low Temperature and Creep Resisting Steel
 :: Low Alloy Steels
 :: Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Nickel, Monel
 :: Titanium, Tantalum
 :: Aluminium, Aluminium Bronze
 :: Copper, Copper Alloys, Cupronickel etc.
Construction of Equipments offered in Bare Metal, Explosion Bonded or Sheet Cladded forms.
Also offered with anti-corrosive linings of Rubber, Lead Bonding, Lead Lining, A.R. Bricks, Epoxy, FRP, FRB, PP, FEP, PVDF, HALAR, ECTFE etc..
Complete Process Plants & Systems On Turnkey Basis ~
 :: Bulk Drugs & APIs, Dyes & Intermediates, Pigments, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, fine Chemicals & Aromatics, Rubber Chemicals,
     Breweries & Distilleries etc.
 :: Multiple Effect Evaporation, Crystallisation Plants & Equipments
 :: Distillation Plants, Alcohol Drying Systems, Molecular Sieve Columns etc.
 :: Blending / Mixing / Formulation Plants

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