Our Multipurpose Reaction & Distillation Systems like process reaction vessel, industrial reaction vessel, industrial reaction vessels, process reaction plants for manufacture of Bulk Drugs and APIs are designed keeping into consideration the various Process Parameters, also including clean-ability & product impurity profile. Based on these data, we analyze the Heat Transfer requirements, Degree of Agitation, Pressure - Temperature Ratings, Space Availability, Surface Finish requirements, Product Properties, HAZOP Studies, Corrosion Allowance etc., to offer an optimum system suiting your application


•  Offered complete GMP systems with Basic & Process Engineering, Layout & Detail Engineering.
•  Also meeting 'C-GMP' Standards and stringent requirements of International regulatory bodies like USFDA, UKMCA, TGA etc.
•  Designed in accordance with the various international codes for Pressure parts
•  Internal surface finish’ up to 600 Grits with Mechanical / Electro-polishing having Crevice-free Internals to avoid
   contamination and facilitate thorough cleaning during product changeovers
•  Condenser vapour side is removable to facilitate manual cleaning
•  Pre - insulation for hot and cold service with removable SS304 cladding
•  Specially designed sealing mechanisms for bearing housing to prevent grease leakage even in a solvent atmosphere
•  Offered German Helical gearbox having high efficiency and Quadralip Oil Seal to prevent frequent seal failure
   resulting in oil leakages, also available with oil leakage collection chamber
•  Offered with various types of agitators such as Anchor, Turbine, MIG, Hydrofoil, Propeller, Helical and Contra mixer etc.
•  The Vessel, Receiver, Column & Condensers with bolted openings can be dismantled to facilitate manual cleaning
    periodically or between product changeovers
•  The Nozzle & the Reflux line connections can be provided with Sanitary Triclamp, DIN, SMS, IDF or flange ends
    as specified by the user


Pressure Vessels
Our multipurpose pressure vessels tor manufacturing bulk drugs, APIs and chemicals are designed keeping in mind various process parameters such as the heat transfer requirements, degree of agitation, pressure and temperature ratings, surface finish requirements, product properties, HAZOP studies, corrosion allowance arid so on.

We offer pressure vessels that conform to AS ME, TEMA, DIN, BIS, IS, SMPV, EJMA, API, and C-GMP standards1 for the stringent quality requirements of USFDA, UKMCA and TGA.

These equipment are .constructed in a variety of material as per specifications. Specially designed sealing mechanism for bearing housing prevents oil leakage even in solvent atmosphere.

In addition, we offer various types of Agitators including Anchor, Turbine, MIG, Hydrofoil, Propeller, Helical and Contra Mixer.

Our Multipurpose Pressure Vessels for Manufacture of Bulk Drugs, APIs, Chemical, etc are designed keeping into consideration the various process parameters including cleanability & product impurity profile. Based on the data we analyse the Heat Transfer requirements, Degree of Agitation, Pressure - Temperature Ratings, Space availability/ Surface Finish Requirements, Product Properties, HAZOP Studies. Corrosion allowance etc. to offer an optimum Pressure Vessel suiting your application,

Offered Complete GMP / Non GMP Pressure Vessels with Basic and Process Engineering, Layout and Detailed Engineering.
Also Meeting Stringent requirements of International Regulatory bodies like USFDA, UKMCA, TGA, etc.
Designed in accordance with various International Codes for Pressure Parts.
Specially designed Sealing Mechanism for Bearing Housing to prevent oil leakage even in Solvent atmosphere.
Helical Gearbox with Quadralip Oil Seal with optional OilLeakage Coilection Chamber.
Offered with various types of Agitators viz. Anchor, Turbine , MIG, Hydrofoil, Propeller, Helical & Contra Mixer, etc.
Conforming to ASME, TEMA, DIN, BIS, IS, SMPV, EJMA, API, etc.

Equipments are offered in various Material of Construction including Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Special Alloy Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Nickel, Titanium, Cupro-Nickel, Aluminium, Bronze, Carbon Steel, etc.

Reactors Process
We have developed a range of highly efficient impellers for gas liquid reaction. This coupled with ability to design & manufacture Reaction Vessels to the International Code & Standard have helped us to engineer the right solution for Gas - Liquid Solid Reaction Vessels for aggressive services.

This Equipment is ideal for any batch type Gas – Liquid reactions such as Hydrogenation, Oxidation, Ethoxylation, Phosgenation, Chlorination, Ammonolysis, Ccrbonation, Bromination, Sulphonation, Fluonnation etc.

Special Features of our Agitator :
High Heat Transfer Rate
Optimum Utilisation of Gas
High Flooding Limits
Reliable Containment of gas and the product of the reaction
Higher Productivity due to higher mass transfer rates
Homogenous suspension of the catalyst and higher catalyst life

Capacity Range : 50 Ltrs to 1,00,000 Ltrs
Pressure Range : 10 to 150 kg/cm/g
Temp. Range : -100 0C to 350 0C

Gas-Liquid Interface Area : Upto 50 Sq.M Per cu. M
Heat Transfer Area : Upto 10 Sq. M Per cu. M

Equipment is offered in various material of construction such as Stainless Steel. Duplex Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel. Hastelloy. Inconel, Monel, Nickel, Cupro-Nickel, Titamium, with Bare Material, Explosion Bonded Material etc.


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