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Silicon Carbide Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (Di-Sic)

For highly corrosive environments like Acids including H2SO41 HNO31 HF1 HCL, etc. Bases including KOH, NaOH, Metallic Salts and also in Solvent Atmosphere.

Advantages of Di-Sic Heat Exchanger Over Other Heat Exchangers
•Highest Thermal Conductivity
•Equal to that of commonly used graphite tube but far better than other materials available
•2 times that of Tantalum
•5 times that of Stainless Steel
•5 times that of Hastelloy
•15 times that of Glass
•Unsurpassed advantages over Metals, Glass and other Tube Materials for enhanced efficiency and reliability
•Tubes are proof tested to over 150 bar to assure reliability and added safety -High Overall Heat Transfer Co-efficient
5m� Di-Sic Heat Exchanger successfully working over past 3 years

Highly Resistant to Thermal Shock
• It has high thermal Conductivity and low Co – efficient of Thermal Expansion. It has go high resistant to thermal shocks and can survive rapid thermal cycles as
   compared to other materials
• No impregnation and hence does not contaminate process ingredients. Suitable for API Manufacturing
• Available in standard models to withstand pressure ranging from 6Kg/cm�g to Full Vacuum

Erosion Resistance
Silicon Carbide Tube is 50% harder than Tungsten Carbide and 10 times harder than Conventional Stainless Steel.

This extreme hardness combined with high purity and fine micro-structure makes for resistance to wear and erosion under mechanically abrasive conditions.

Chemical Resistance
A Single – Phase, Alpha – Sintered Silicon carbide offering high purity, fine grain and extremely low porosity to enhance the chemical resistance. Test shows that even in highly corrosive chemicals, the corrosion loss does not exceed 2.5mg/cm per year which can give Long Term Service.

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